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Ira Willey
Ira Willey@irawilley · AddictingGames, OneMoreLevel & FreeRider
This is awesome! Congrats Fig team!
Justin Bailey ------
Justin Bailey ------MakerHiring@justinbailey12d · CEO
@irawilley Thanks!
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Very cool! What will differentiate this platform from others I've seen game-makers use for crowdfunding (all the "big guys" in the crowdfunding space)?
Justin Bailey ------
Justin Bailey ------MakerHiring@justinbailey12d · CEO
@staringispolite Hey Jonathan, a few things. First off we're specific to video games, second we're highly curated with just two projects at a time, and third we allow for investment. On top of that we have a gaming ecosystem that's worked for crowdfunding for the last three years and this is us just formalizing that network. So we have people who can help determine if the game is right for crowdfunding, give you advise on how to best structure the campaign, stay involved during production, and help with sales!
Ivo Teel
Ivo Teel@calimonk · Entrepreneur, Engineer, Gamer, Vlogger
@justinbailey12d Really nice concept, especially giving the ability to do semi-formal investments. Where can people find more information around this part?
Brad Yasar
Brad Yasar@yasarcorp · It takes a whole life to become you!
@justinbailey12d great concept!
Russ Frushtick
Russ Frushtick@russfrushtick
Hey guys! We're actually doing a LIVE! Chat with Justin Bailey, the CEO of Fig! Join us here:
Brad Yasar
Brad Yasar@yasarcorp · It takes a whole life to become you!
@justinbailey12d Great platform and solid team!