Analytics, rankings, and comparisons of FIFA players

FifaMetrix is a platform that:

- Analyzes players across FIFA versions

- Ranks players based off FIFA statistics

- Compares players side by side

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I've used to make my Career mode signings because you can see the potential of young players.
@rene_koller good point! We actually have a chart for potential rating at the top left of every player's profile.
Will be compatible with the next FIFA version? I'm thinking about FIFA 18 ofc ;)
@marek_pasieczny Yup! As soon as FIFA 18 data is released it will be available on our site
Wow, this is good. I can use this in Career Mode. But, it would be great if I can see a potential ability kinda thing too.
@yigitpinarbasi glad to know this would be useful data for Career mode! As for potential ability are you talking about potential rating?
@vigneshp_ Yes. You know, it's important to know the full potential of player that you want to transfer to your team. :)
@yigitpinarbasi completely agreed! Potential player graphs are on the top left of every player profile, check it out.
Love the minimalist design!
@gosathya thanks for the input!
How about advanced search?
@heinzawhtet what ideas do you have for advanced search?
@vigneshp_ search options : - position - min overall - max overall - club - etc... Sortable table instead of current normal table?
@heinzawhtet great suggestions! We are planning on improving search with next update, stay tuned!