Fieldbook Codelets

Host snippets of code, integrated with Fieldbook

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The PH community gave us a great response to Fieldbook ( and the Fieldbook API (, so we wanted you all to be some of the first to know about our latest major API feature. We call it Codelets, and it lets you add snippets of code to a Fieldbook that create new API endpoints for the book. In just a few minutes and a couple dozen lines of code, Codelets let you create a Slackbot for your book, handle webhook callbacks, or add custom forms. Check it out—we can't wait to see what you build with it.
@jasoncrawford Great addition for sure. We're actively using it now with a customer that has custom needs. Being able to combine data and then create for ourselves a single API end point is amazing. Well done.
Brilliant addition to Fieldbook! 😍
The slack example is awesome. I see HUGE side-project & hackathon potential. If you guys make a community Slack chat your bot is going to be insane :) Question: How has your idea of fieldbook changed since your original launch? What were you originally wrong about that you've since changed your mind on?
This is awesome, guys! Fieldbook has changed how I organize myself and it's great to know I can easily build in any integration I can dream up.