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Fieldbook is a vision that goes back many years for me. It was based on two things that you find in businesses everywhere: First, a lot of overgrown spreadsheets being used for tracking lists – like projects, roadmap, user tests, clients, sales, or recruiting. Second, a lot of expensive in-house development projects – I've been a part of them – to build internal tools that are often not much more than a database with forms and maybe some reports or workflow. Database tools and “app builders” give you a lot of power, but they feel heavyweight and typically require technical skills to set up. Fieldbook is as lightweight as a spreadsheet, so you can use it for even the simplest tasks. And it's based on a ton of usability testing with both technical and non-technical users, so you don't need to understand the inner workings of databases to use it. I've been on Product Hunt since before Fieldbook was in beta, so I've been looking forward to sharing this with you all for a long time. Fieldbook is by and for makers – I can't wait to see what you all do with it. Everyone on Product Hunt is getting instant access to our private beta today. Use the Get It link above to skip the waitlist!
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A 'user friendly friendly phpmyadmin', perhaps?
@jak1192 Perhaps :-) But really, Fieldbook is even easier than a traditional SQL database. Typing is optional: type any data anywhere you want, like a spreadsheet; restrict input types later as needed. Links between sheets (relations) are automatically two-way and many-to-many. Joins are implicit and automatic, even in queries/formulas. And for people who don't even know what half that stuff means, you can still use it!
@jasoncrawford This looks cool. Do you have any plans for pulling in data from web apps? I'd love an integration with Gmail.
@hrishio Definitely planning more integrations. What would you want to do with Gmail?
@jasoncrawford If I can link Gmail contacts (by label) into Fieldbook, I could use it as a CRM. I want to minimise data entry.
I've always been passionate about giving super powers to users. Meeting that customer demand and giving people a tool that fits neatly and seamlessly into their process, well, nothing gives me more pleasure or excitement as a developer than that. Developers are used to having data super powers everywhere. They can quickly spin up command line tools to find answers to their questions or put their data in a database to give themselves the power of SQL and online storage. With Fieldbook, we've taken those same super powers, and made them accessible to the world, And I'm so excited to share our vision with everyone. I believe everyone has something they are passionate about, something they want to do better at, something they would like to use a great data driven approach to get better at. My hope is that you'll agree that with Fieldbook, we've given everyone the tools they need to manage their data. Come check us out.
@bernard_ben, being a web dev I have noticed that Fieldbook has super responsive UI. Even though, you added so many features already and it should start lagging in fps. Can you tell us how did you pull this off or do you have a blog post / slides to share?
@tautrimas_p I've been in the performance space(and web space) for a while. And the thing that has worked for us (as much as it has) is relentless dedication to making things feel fast. Measure everything, attack the low hanging fruit. Our table scrolling in particular is something we've worked on and it does a ton of just in time rendering to avoid overloading the browser layout engine. Much of this was the brain child of Ada, our other developer. But even with all the effort we've put in, we are far from perfect. Most important is to measure and find the bottlenecks and keep chugging at it. For us, we use a combination of event driven small updates through backbone and Unfortunately don't have a blog or anything more extensive than what I've written here
@tautrimas_p @bernard_ben I have to agree that #Fieldbook performance is impresssive. #spreadsheets #GoogleDocs #msoffice #saas
Really looks super cool. Love that you have many of the same opportunities of relations as if you coded a query yourself, but with very simple interface :) I saw that you can import from CSV, are you planning​ on adding other sources/integrations? Zapier, IFTTT, Webhooks, API?
@doefler Thanks Kim! Yes, definitely planning on an API (including webhooks) and on Zapier integration.
@jasoncrawford Awesome!!! Look forward to playing around with it :)
Excited to see Fieldbook on ProductHunt today. I have been following the team for a while and enjoy watching their product mature and evolve. Super dedicated team. Give it a try for your next project if you live & breathe spreadsheets :-) Agree with some of the above comments, API would be amazing for data i/o.
I learned of Fieldbook only recently and I've been very impressed with it, as Jason knows. We all know of some data or process in our business, or even personal lives, that ends up in a spreadsheet when it really deserves a simpler, yet more multi-faceted interface. A custom database-driven web-app would be great, we think, if only we had the time and skill to set one up. I've tried other services that are much more complex and heavy-handed. Fieldbook achieves its mission with a great user experience and, to me, this makes all the difference. I look forward to seeing how it will evolve. Well done guys.