Field Guide

A simplified end-to-end research platform for design teams

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Hey Product Hunters, we have just opened up a public beta for Field Guide, and I’m pretty jazzed about it. Field Guide is built to help design teams start running user research in a quick and simple way. User research is an integral part of our design process at Heist Data + Design, and is really becoming an essential part of every team’s toolkit. But in establishing our own research process and talking to other design teams about their approach, we found the barrier for entry to be prohibitively high. Information on how to run user research is hard to find, and the toolkit to run it is really hacked together. We built Field Guide so that any design team can start using user research to make their own products better. A guide to Getting Started with User Research can be found here - This public beta launch is just one step in a long process of making Field Guide what we ultimately want it to be. This is all a work in progress, so we'd appreciate any feedback or thoughts you might have. There are bound to be some bugs in this thing, so please let us know if you find any. And oh ya, the Field Guide beta is completely free! Would love your thoughts...
Congrats on the launch, and great job. I particularly like the quick notes with #hashtags, and how they're all collected in the report format.
@bombayhustle appreciate it Tarun!