Collect feedback and know what to build next

Let your users suggest new features, and let other users vote and make comments on them. They'll get notified if you build that feature. Plan what to build next with our gold&coal chart. There's nothing worse than building the features that nobody wants!
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@cristiancisa, love the idea πŸ‘ Is it currently only a web app?
@basheerak yes, it's only a web app. Since users will have to write their suggestions and comments, we think that a smartphone is not the ideal place to do that.
Hello! First of all, we'd like to thank @chrismessina for hunting us!! I'd like to start by explaining why we decided to build Fidlio. After a few years of managing other startups that we built, we realized that customer feedback is really more important than what we normally think, and managing it is not easy. If you don't listen to them you might end up building features that nobody wants, and your users might feel discouraged if they see that their suggestions get no answer at all. So, how is Fidlio going to help me? - You'll get all the feedback and suggestions in one single place. You just have to share your URL with your users. - Your users will see what others already suggested, even when they create a new suggestion. Their idea might have already been posted. Avoid getting duplicate suggestions. - Your users will be able to vote and comment on other suggestions. The conversation that might take place between them is really useful. - They will get an email when you change the status of a feature. It's important for them to know that you plan to build what they suggested. - They will get an email when you finally release that feature. They'll love to know that their suggestions are really taken care of. - All your users can see that information in the Roadmap (a list of the planned features) and the Changelog (a list of the completed features) - If you put the Cost and the Usage frequency of that feature (only you will see that information) you'll get a really useful "Gold&Coal" chart, that will help you decide which features should you build, based on that information and the number of votes a suggestion has. Feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help! Thank you!
Cool! The Gold&Coal chart seems interesting. When designing this chart, did you think about any other metrics other than cost and usage? How do you plan to differentiate from similar products like Canny?
@jvrlvs Thanks for your comment, Javier. Currently you have 3 variables in that chart, cost, usage frequency and user votes (the more votes a feature has, bigger radius of that circle). Cost and usage become the 2 axis of the chart. Since this chart is only for the team (your users can't see it) you could use those 2 variables for whatever you want, as long as you keep this principle: the higher the cost, the worse; and the higher the usage frequency, the better. So cost could be complexity and usage frequency could be growth potential, value, etc. Regarding Canny, they have a nice product, but I don't think they have our "Gold&Coal" chart, and I think that it's something really useful. It's not easy to decide which features to implement, and that chart can be really helpful. Besides that, we are way cheaper and the look&feel is more customizable. Thanks!
Nice. Do you have plans to integrate more info channels eg. chatbots?
@yiidiir What do you exactly mean?