Fidelis Belts

Lets you leave your belt on in airport security

Fidelis Belts are designed to be different. The belt itself is made from high quality polyester that is printed with unique designs/patterns. The minimalist Red Oak belt buckle keeps the belt cinched tight and allows for infinite adjustability. One advantage is that since these belts don't use any metal, you can leave them on in airport security.

Hey guys! happy to answer any questions you might have about Fidelis Belts! I just got back from a trip to Africa where I was on 8 different flights, going through airport security and customs more than 10 times and never once took off my belt. This makes life just a little easier easier when traveling! These belts are made entirely in the USA from the highest quality material.
@kevinleehenry Really neat designs - where do you source your materials? I'm a supply chain nerd 🤓
@abadesi Thank you!! We source our belt material from a company based in Alabama and make our own Red Oak buckles sourced here in the US as well!
Just got myself a Topo! These look awesome! :)
@janvanthoor Thank you! YOU are awesome!
Great job!! 😊 Does it ship to India ?
@ayush_chandra Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world. :)
I dig the idea, but there are no simple designs. I don't really need that much color around my waist. Any plans for solid colors?
@gautch Thanks for the feedback Josh! Yes, we are planning on offering several basic solid colors as well in the near future!
@kevinleehenry Sweet. Ill have to keep an eye on this then.
@gautch Absolutely! Thanks for checking us out!