Simple and collaborative writing with Markdown

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Hey guys! I'm one of the co-founders at and I just wanted to show you a little side project we've been working on called We'd love your feedback! We think it makes writing on the web (alone or with others) a whole lot more fun and a much more beautiful experience. About a year and a half ago we released our Markdown slides in Swipe and we've been big Markdown fans for a long time. We love how it completely separates content from style, it makes it so flexible. We do a lot of writing with other people and found that most tools try to do too much. We removed everything that we didn't think was necessary to give the best writing experience on the web. While you write, you get instant beautiful previews. You can add images and do fun things like adding code listings too. You can edit in full-screen and share just the edit link with collaborators. You can also preview in full screen and share just the preview link with people. Every refresh creates a new version (with a new link) that you can access, download, or save to Dropbox. In many ways we reduced collaborative writing to a link-based experience that makes it easy to track different versions from different people on the same document. You can also access the underlying html with one click. It's free and you don't need an account to use it. Fiddles don't get indexed by search engines either. Let me know what you think and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Happy writing :)
@horiacernusca Nico, looks very cool. One thing I can't figure out: let's say I start a document, then share the link with someone. Then they edit it, so their URL is different from mine. They can see my original, but I have no way to see that they've edited it, unless they then send me their link. If I then want to make changes, I can't get those changes to them without sending them the link. No offense intended at all, but how is that "Collaboration first"? In practice it seems optimized for sharing, but not at all for collaborating. Am I missing something?
I used this a lot for a long time, but the website is down and Swipe hasn't updated their blog since 2016. I think it's gone. :(

It no longer exists!

But i used to use it all the time!


It was good


It's gone now