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#4 Product of the DayMay 08, 2019
Ficture is the library of well-designed website's font in use reference. Check out the best typography combination from over 25 websites. Ficture will upload at least 4 Fics every week, so stay tuned for every week inspiration and updates👍.
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    Very convenient for design process


    More web sites needed

    Awesome UI

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    professional font curating service for designers neat & clean UI


    need more sources

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Hi everyone 👋 and thanks @mengto for hunting this project! 🎉 I'm Mac from which is a tech start-up dedicated to helping designers. We wanted to find some good references for the typographical combinations and web UX designs, but we couldn't find a collection of those. So, we made Ficture based on our collected references and fonts. Ficture will be updated every time we find a great website. Check out and get inspirations from Ficture I'm also glad to hear you guys' thought!
Lots of great inspo here @mengto @mac_yoo! And looks like it would be right up @noemistauffer's street (Founder of Fresh Fonts) How do you plan on sourcing all the new additions? I like @inigo_ suggestion of taking community suggestions 😊
@abadesi Hi Abadesi👋 Community suggestions is truely a great idea to maintain and grow Ficture's archive and I also thinking about that way. Currently all the data came from 3-4 contributors but we're running a small test in 'Fics in Queue' tab for open suggestions. Our team's first milestone after this launch is going to make an light-community Ficture. Thanks for your comments! We'll keep you updated through PH 👍's Ficture is no rocket science, but it's probably the best font reference library out there for dedicated designers. Not only does the simple yet informing interface makes it absurdly easy for users to browse for fonts they wish to use, but it also allows designers to have a sneak peek of numerous pre-built websites to seek inspirations from. I'm definitely looking forward to future updates from Ficture and Keep up the good work!
@makeeatgreatagain Thanks for the complement and tracking our journey! 👍
I like the idea. It would be good to see more links to design system pages so designers have a better understanding of how the fonts are actually used.
@dabrowski_kris Hi Kris👋 Wow that sounds great! I'll add the page and contents. Nice idea for you too🎉 kudos👍
Wow, my congratulations with №2 product of a day! You're rock! 😍 I am so happy to see you in our Awesome Design Tools as well: