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Michael SitverMaker@msitver · I build things
Hey all, I'm ecstatic that I can fiiiiiinally introduce you to Fiction Pal. Fiction Pal is a messenger bot that finds you amazing, curated stories to read. Over the past year I've met thousands of people who really want to build the habit of reading, and I'm convinced this is one of the best free tools to do that. This bot is a response to over a year of feedback curating Morning Short. I've learned (unsurprisingly) that people are unique and different, and one newsletter isn't necessarily the best means to meat the needs of thousands of readers. Fiction Pal addresses some of the most common differences between readers: Locale, time preference, and reading speed. Soon it will also address differences in style preference and comprehension (It's in the works). In the mean time, the least I can do is help people read more without clogging up their email inbox (That was another big concern with the newsletter). Let me know if you have any questions or feedback (I'm around all day)! All the best, Michael 🤓
Michael SitverMaker@msitver · I build things
P.S. Special thanks to all who tested/critiqued the early versions of this bot (i @thinker and @bentossell, among others)