Bite-sized educational GIFs

Hey Product Hunters! We have been working on Ficazo for a while but we finally pulled the trigger to post it here. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed learning about the most random things. I thought that by creating content that was short, fun and educational (starting with GIFs) we could spark other people's interest in learning cool things. What do you think? P.S if you have any ideas don't hesitate to reach out!
Great concept, how much time does it take to make each one of them..I mean from idea to gif. Secondly what tool is used to make such awesome gifs
@tahaqadri Hey! Thank you for the kind words. It takes about 4-5 hours depending on the complexity of the idea. We use Illustrator and After Effects.
I've been keeping up with the content from Ficazo for a while now and it's been nothing but fun. I highly encourage people to take a look! 👍🏻
@gonz_ponz Thank you! Always awesome to hear from people that are fans of what you build :)
Really cool quick\interesting learning gifs for millennials w/ no attn span, big fan!
Such a smart and easy way for kids (and adults too) to learn new things! #dope
@itzel_yrev Thank you very much! Glad to hear it has helped you learn new things :)