A collapsable stand for your laptop

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I've been using a Fhold for years after one of the companies that i've work for offer one to each employee. It's amazing and today i thought that it deserves to be shared to the world.
@diogocteles All the team here is using it for more than 1 year. Simple, practical and beautiful. Good luck guys!
How solid is the cardboard? Doesn't your desk start to look like a stack of old pizza boxes after a while? Is there a more permanent product that's similar?
@mattietk I use AViiQ's portable laptop stand on a regular basis and it's made of hylite which is an aluminum composite. http://www.aviiq.com/collections...
Just bought one - excited to use it. I'm assuming you ship to the US even though you only accept Euros?
This is such a great idea, I would suggest an easier way to but 2, in different colors or am I missing something?
@paulparsons1981 I am not sure i understand your question. But by only having two colors they can reduce the price and offer a simple, useful and cheap solution.
@diogocteles I meant about ordering in one order different colours but I got an email back from you and explained how to do it, thank you #OrderingToday
This idea is really cool! One thing to improve is the landing page colors. Maybe Reading and walking isn't a good idea, but on mobile I was really confused about where things were. That said, I did a bit more research on a desktop and love the idea, I actually ordered one! Can't wait to try it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ