Fête 3.0

Intelligent invitations. Delivered via text.

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Thanks for the Hunt @kikischirr! Fête ("fet") is the intelligent invitations app that fetches you >85% rsvp rates. It’s the most effective & versatile invitation service available. People use it equally well in getting a headcount for their housewarming, choosing a place & date for their team dinner, and everything between. And our sms bot for guests provides an easy yet feature-rich experience for guests without the app. Inspired by my time working as an urban designer in Paris, I returned to the US to start Fête, leveraging design & tech to bring the vibrancy of Parisian urban life stateside. Check it out and comment with your feedback or questions! Also send inquiries to hello@fete.la Fête was founded in Atlanta, by myself, @rajhparikh, and @john_dugan. It's free to download and use. -- More about the design: Each unique combination of event type, size, and context requires a slightly different planning tool. A large party requires the organization of evite, while a small dinner the flexibility of group messaging. Building one product - one invitation card - to do it all is a complex design problem that has defined our company and approach. From day one, Fête was designed to serve a full gamut of events, from formal to informal, small to big, confirmed to planning-in-progress. We seamlessly integrate the disparate components of event planning - invitation, places, voting, scheduling, chat, rsvp, etc - through a restrained graphical vocabulary of lines and text.
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@sanketcshah @kikischirr @fete Looks cool! Why not just call it Fet? Easier for people to remember and pronounce.
@tomfme @kikischirr @fete Hi! Thanks for your question. We'd considered both, actually, but ended up choosing the authentic spelling of the word, which is french for party. But we've hear like 30 different pronunciations of it!
Choosing a time and date for a group meet up is always a pain --but Fête's party planning via text system is an awesome new way to coordinate. When you test it, note the onboarding, which has been streamlined really well, in my opinion!
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@kikischirr Would you invite for a coffee or to meet for a run with fete as well? Would it be an value add when you get directions to the location within the app? Such as https://www.producthunt.com/post... offers?
Dope invite app, especially for larger group events!
@myyellowshoe Hi Justin! Thank you. Hope you're well. You're right It's great for large events for how easily guests can respond, and in so many different ways. But what makes Fête unique is that it's just as great for small events, professional events, recreational, and then of course events without a decided date and/or place.
Seems pretty cool! I would be interesting to see what you could do with is as an imessage app.
@nhuebecker Hi Nikolas, Thanks for your kind words. Super interesting thought. Not just imessage, but fb and viber also are partnering with Twilio, which is the service we use for sms, for totally integrated api's. in beta right now. The limitation at the moment is that iMessage will definitely not share the content of your message with our api for parsing, which is kind of necessary. Uncertain about the other two, but I think it's a quickly evolving world for bots now.
Hey Guys! Congrats on the new release! It's come a long way since we spoke last year. I remember the card creation was definitely a little clunky before, but now it’s super intuitive. I really like it. The UI has a lot of custom components. Was that challenging to build? Like, the way you laid out the main card screen, and animations to and fro?
@megan_browner Hey Megan! good to hear from you again. Yeah we've made and remade the path from the first app open to the first tap of the send button like 25 times. I think it's vastly better now too! I'll defer to @john_dugan for the UI question
@megan_browner Thanks for noticing! Yes there was quite a bit of work involved with the custom animations and navigation among the card screens. The root layer of the card flow screens mainly handles the card photo background and paging elements. From there we have a container component that basically hosts a 'top' and 'bottom' view for each of the screens. As you move through the app flow we swap out the top & bottom components and adjust the sizes appropriately to allow those seamless transitions between screens. For situations like the date screen, we have custom presentation animation code that gives the visual effect that the detail screen is growing from and collapsing to that region on the front of card. Overall it was a fun project to work on, and I'm quite pleased with the result. Thanks again for your support!