Fetchq CRON

Run smart cron jobs via REST API and WebConsole

Executing repeatable jobs is at the core of most IT projects. From following up a few days after a user signs up, to repetitive cleaning or caching procedures. FetchqCRON provides time-based execution as a service, on Heroku or on-premise via Docker. For Free.
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I'm a Software Engineer and I found myself implementing CRON based tasks in most of the projects I manage. Either with the system's CRON, or with some form of request-based planner, I had to write code to handle repetitive tasks. And I don't like to repeat myself. I'm building FetchqCRON to provide a service-based solution to this common problem. You can embed it into a container-based project on AWS, GoogleCloud, Azure... or you can embed it into a Docker Compose stack on a single machine. I'm also building a WebConsole to it so you can simply run it as a standalone service and just add jobs with a simple GUI. Easy. Join this project, try it out on Heroku for free (it takes a few minutes) and play with the codebase thanks to a ready to use GitPod environment. Above all, give me early feedback so I can focus my efforts on stuff that you need as well :-)