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Fetch now lets entrepreneurs and fleet owners create their own self-service rental fleet and connect with local people and businesses looking to rent trucks. It's the simplest way to rent a truck, whenever you need it, for as little as an hour.

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We’ve been working on Fetch 2.0 for some time now, and we’re thrilled to share it with Product Hunt. We launched Fetch in Atlanta last year as the first completely self-service truck rental service. Need a truck for just an hour? Want to pick it up at 8 p.m.? Just book a truck or van instantly with Fetch and unlock the truck using your phone. With this launch, we’re creating the Fetch marketplace for self-service truck rentals, enabling anyone to rent their own trucks through Fetch. Entrepreneurs can start with as little as one truck, add their vehicle to the Fetch marketplace, and instantly generate income as Fetch connects you with local renters. And, with the Fetch platform, these vehicles are connected to Fetch’s fleet management platform, enabling a completely self-service rental experience so that owners to do not have to physically meet renters and hand them keys. It’s like having your own side-hustle on autopilot. Expect to see Fetch trucks available in new markets such as California and Texas very soon. Glad to answer any questions!
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Hey Adam! I've been following your progress for some time now. Always interesting to watch how marketplaces solve the chicken and egg problem. I'm curious, who do you consider a fleet owner - can you give some examples? And, what's involved for fleet owners to get started with Fetch.
@bryncdn Thanks Bryn! We have several types of people that join Fetch as fleet partners: Entrepreneurs that create a side hustle by buying/financing a few vehicles and renting them through Fetch. With 3 vehicles, they'll typically make enough to pay for rent + a few vacations each year. Fleet owners that implement the Fetch technology in their fleet to enable self-service rentals and telematics. Fetch then sends new customers to these fleet owners. Auto shops that want to invest in a fleet to rent to their customers having vehicles repaired. All fleet owners benefit from Fetch handling customer support and billing so that owners only have to keep their vehicles maintained. And our self-service technology means that you don't have to be around to hand keys to renters. How to get started? Contact us! Our team will evaluate your options for building a fleet, getting the necessary insurance and launching your vehicles on Fetch. We'll even assist with fleet financing, operations support and anything else to help you be successful.
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