Self-service truck rentals to help you move the big stuff

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I would love to see this in San Francisco. I just moved here, and Ikea trips become a massive project. Uber XL drivers don't appreciate it when you have 12 boxes of furniture tagging along 🙈
@chadwhitaker Thanks Chad! We'd love to make that happen. I remember my co-founder having to sit on top of the boxes on a drive back from the Palo Alto IKEA in my small SUV. Fetch trucks are perfect for quick IKEA trips :-)
@adams472 @chadwhitaker This needs to be everywhere, especially in SF right now. Can't wait to see it happen!
Fetch launches self-service truck rentals to help you move the big stuff. More here from @lucas_matney.
@andrewett Thanks for hunting Fetch! We started Fetch because hated the hassle and hidden fees of renting a truck - even for just a few hours. Fetch is seamless, self-service truck rental. Rent for as little as one hour, use your phone to reserve and unlock the truck, and miles, gas + insurance are included free. I'll be around today to answer any questions!
Pretty cool. Just in Georgia as of now?
@kristofertm Thanks! Yes, just in Atlanta today. We expect to launch new cities soon :-)
What will you do to prevent terrorists renting your trucks as is happening across Europe?
Is the model essentially ZipCar for trucks?
@brisnsjagger Hi Brian! The major difference is we do not have a membership model - rentals can happen instantly. (There's also all sorts of behind-the-scenes operations that are different.)