Lead enrichment bot for Slack

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Hey Product Hunters! John from Amplemarket here. Fetch is a lead enrichment bot for Slack. Every time you get a new signup on your website you will receive a notification on your Slack with relevant information about the person that signed up and the company they work for. This way, you will never miss important signups. Integration is super easy. You just install the Slack bot and start sending us your new signups. You can send us your new signups via email forwarding (requires no coding whatsoever!) or via our API. Fetch is completely free. We have plenty of plans to make Fetch better: sending notifications to other platforms (email, sms, push notifications), more data sources, more integrations and we would love to get your feedback. Happy to answer any questions!
I think this one will be twice as awesome with an outreach software. Say you have a “drip email” campaign, and when someone replies to you or schedules a call, you automatically (Zapier) forward his email to Fetch and get the person's background in your Slack before the call.
@xnutsive our main product - Amplemarket (http://amplemarket.com/)- is actually an outreach tool. You can think of Amplemarket as a next generation outreach tool where you just give us cold leads and in return you get calls scheduled on your calendar. I'm really looking forward to see how people take advantage of Zapier to build more custom workflows.
Just integrated with my Zapier workflow, pretty sweet. API works like a charm. Having a JSON response would have been cool though :)
@gillesbertaux We might add that pretty soon. We still have to figure out how we want to structure the JSON response and we didn't want to have people building on top of it too soon.
@johnvcarroll Makes sense :) Awesome, thanks.
How does this compare with Clearbit? I made an internal version of this for our company Slack using their API - curious to know if this could have better data?
@jaredstenquist I'm a big fan of what the folks at Clearbit have been doing. Can't quite make a statement about whether or not we have better data (I haven't played around with the Clearbit API enough). That said, we use a lot of data sources and it is pretty rare for us not to be able to find anything about an email.
Very cool, I just zet Zapier up to pass new subscribers from Mailchimp to Fetch.
@jesse__muller Awesome. I'm really looking forward to see how people build more custom workflows using fetch + zapier.