The smarter way to get what you need delivered by Target

Target Fetch is a convenient subscription service designed to automatically reorder select household essentials through the use of three smart products: toilet paper spindle, paper towel holder, and soap pump. Leave reordering to Target Fetch, and get precious time back wherever you need it most.

Well it's official. The toilet paper spool was the very last item in the home that had not yet been replaced by a connected device. Funny side poll: What's something else random in the home that isn't connected yet, but will be funny to see someone tackle?
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Why support a brand as big as Target on a crowdfunding site? Why pay for their development? If they move a fraction of their profits towards their labs I think they can launch this bizarre experiment on their own.
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@tostartafire because support = interest, and interest = sales. Without support, you get no sales
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Is this really a pain point in life for real people? I mean, I get that it is kind of cool in a futuristic sort of way, but the service its self costs money in addition to the cost of the paper towels / toilet paper / soap. I can't imagine how I would ever convince myself that this is money well spent, especially in a world where we can get things delivered to our door in an hour or so after ordering them.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! Hope this ships to India!!