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@willimholte Yeah, it seems like a large challenge would be getting pictures of obscure items and having to figure out what it is and where to buy them. Imagine getting a picture like this asking for the throw pillows: The economics is a whole other issue!
$5 a month for this service doesn't sound like it will cover the overhead required to fulfil it imho
I saw this pitched on the TechCrunch Disrupt livestream. In theory, I love the idea. The economics, as Jack pointed out, are questionable but with time I imagine they can (1) negotiate deals with merchants and (2) improve their deal hunting abilities (side note: I used to a scour fatwallet and slickdeals as a kid -- you'd be surprised how cheap you can find things if you're creative).
I think I buy around 3-5 items/month online so I'd wager @_jacksmith is right, it doesn't seem like ~$1/item is enough for them to cover overhead—but that's something they can work on all the time. I'd be pretty pissed if I got the 'wrong' item, and I also don't want to deal with them pestering me to figure out my order. I wonder if that's actually a problem for them, or if the system just works itself out.
Just raise the price 😄 it's worth 20 bucks/mo at least