The ultimate UK music festival app

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Every time the sun pokes through here in the UK it is a glimpse of hope for the summer and for festival season! Although, often you get caught in Glastonbury with mud coming up to your knees like I did! You can do most of the things you'd expect to do in a festival app - check out the lineup, make a checklist etc. but I especially like the 'save a spot' feature - people (me) get lost all the time, its nice to have your spaces somewhere (providing your battery lasts of course!). I'd love to see something where it tells you good places to pee when there is no toilet near by. Also would be cool for people to 'host their own gatherings' and you can see '130 people are partying by the teepees' to go and join them haha Oh and I hope there is a Festival Bucket List to tick off, both for things to do AT a festival AND what festivals you've been to
I like the idea of this app, but the app is a little too complicated. The home screen displays a list of festivals, why not have the home screen a list of festivals I am attending instead. Displaying the entire list is too much to scroll through each time. Also the line up appears to be incomplete.