Clothing to make your inner cringe shine. Seinfeld inspired.

Due to my "obsession" with this TV show, I decided to watch again every episode and turn it into a product.
Every episode main theme will materialize into a product and will be available for 30 days. It might be a t-shirt, hoodie, a necklace or something else.
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Lol. Dear lord. Well, best of luck, I can tell there will be a lot of crazy things.
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@petergyrgy1 Indeed, it will be a lot of crazy stuff. :)
Can you say "copyright infringement"?
@jonmrich Can you say “what?”
@agispas Ah...you must have permission from Seinfeld's ownership to use their images, logos, etc.
@jonmrich I don’t use their logos or images or etc. I just say “Seinfeld inspired”.
@agispas In the screenshots above, the picture of the "product" (I can't tell what it is), has a Seinfeld logo on it.