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Festival Hunt is a new tool for discovering, sorting & filtering the best music festivals. Find festival tickets, lineups & more!
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Founder @ FestivalHunt.com, Pitchenvy.io
Hey all, Over the last couple months, I coded Festival Hunt with the aim to help people discover new music festivals. What makes it unique is the ability to sort & filter festivals based on a variety of unique tags that aren't available on other festival websites. Attending shows & festivals for 10+ years taught me alot about what festival-goers care about. Finding out ahead of time whether a festival has camping or Uber/Lyft available can make all the difference for your trip. I was inspired by NomadList, which helped catalog similar types of unique data for different cities across the world. My hope is this tool helps music festival junkies perform all their festival research in one spot. The UI and data is still being updated, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this V1 release! Thank you guys!!!
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Jacob BΓΈtter
Founder, author, etc.
Probably worth noting this covers the US only ;-)
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Anthony MattanaFounder @ Hooke Audio
This is a great idea. Bravo!
Pedroclout lord bezos
I've been waiting for something for a while, looks awesome! I'd appreciate a location filter, so we can do it possibly by region or state. Besides this, when I set dates and go to a page, the filters reset when I go back. Otherwise, good idea and execution!
Thanks you