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Herbert Eng
Herbert EngMaker@herbertww · founder at fessup
Seems like the GET IT link isn't getting users to our landing page. Landing page is here: https://fessup.sg/landing/ This isn't another Yik Yak or the typical anonymous app. We're not just about inane banter and short jokes but also about the long substantiated confessions that matter to people. Also, apps have to foster ownership of the community people are anonymously addressing. We actually haven't seen any instances of bullying yet on Fessup.sg - might be an Asian thing - but I propose that it's the way all of our posts are attached to real communities people belong to offline. People are even able to authenticate with their institutional email - so they can give others the confidence that they belong in the same community while still preserving their anonymity.
Pieter Walraven
Pieter WalravenHunter@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie - pie.co
@herbert mind sharing your story on why you've built this app? People might find it inspiring! :)
Herbert Eng
Herbert EngMaker@herbertww · founder at fessup
@pieterpaul It might be immediately apparent that we built it as an outlet for a repressed Asian society in Singapore but really the true aim was to foster weak ties and relationships between strangers in large communities everywhere across the world. Social media has become a theatre stage where people show off their best image — there is little space for the raw and disinhibited. Fessup is about creating playgrounds where people can explore their personas online without conforming too strictly to social scripts.