Easily organize, instantly share + keep your keys tidy 🧲

The best key organizer is part of the life-tidying Ferris Collection:
🧲Magnets enable keys to instantly stack, reconfigure + share without the need for tools.
💁‍♂️ModStation streamlines your out-the-door routine gathering keys, wallet, phone + sunglasses.
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Hi and welcome to my first Product Hunt launch for my 9th successful Kickstarter! I'm Nate, the Product Designer of Distil Union, an independent design studio co-founded with my partner Lindsay who appreciates a good pun. ❓WHAT IS FERRIS: The Ferris Collection includes a key organizer in two formats (KeyLoop and KeyFolio), a modular ModWallet, and a wall-mounted ModStation. It's a magnetic lifehack for the things we carry every day! The modular system lets you: + customize your carry + easily share your keys + stay organized at home 🧲WHAT FERRIS DOES: • The KeyLoop and KeyFolio cover your keys with thick, full-grain leather in a stitchless, modern profile. KeyMods enable your keys to instantly stack, reconfigure and share without the need for tools. (🙌THIS) • The ModWallet lets you customize to accommodate the contents you need– even a couple of keys or KeyMod accessories like USB Drive and MultiTool. • Ferris components magnetically mount to the fridge, a light switch, and Ferris ModStation. This way, rarely used items can be stored neatly (instead of lost in the junk drawer). • The ModStation streamlines your out-the-door routine by gathering your keys, wallet, sunglasses (if you have our MagLocks), and phone + charging cables. It's great for the entry-way, desk or bedside– anywhere cutting clutter will help you stay organized and reduce the likelihood of lost items. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️WHY WE'RE MAKING IT: Honestly, we set out to create a better key organizer– and arrived at a comprehensive "everyday carry" system that saves you time and space. Giving your keys magnetic functionality unlocks their potential and sets Ferris apart from all other key-carrying solutions. 🏆 In fact, Ferris is a finalist in this year's Carryology CARRY AWARDS in the "Best Accessory" category! 🚀Our business is proudly fueled by crowd-funding: This is our 9th Kickstarter, and you can rest assured we will deliver a fully considered product line in September, right on schedule. Lindsay and I are excited to be coming to you from Hong Kong where we've been working to speed the development of this and future products 😉 We hope you find Ferris inspiring and truly useful, we're welcoming your questions and feedback– and hopefully your support for the campaign which ends 🔜 MONDAY night June 24th: http://bit.ly/Ferris-on-PH //Please forgive gaps in our replies due to the Hong Kong time difference!
These all look lovely! Which country do you ship them from?
@anna_0x Glad you like them, Anna! We'll most likely ship from the US to US backers and from Hong Kong to any other location.
@nate_justiss Cool! I'm asking to see if I'd need to pay any import fees... I think you don't pay any for imports from HK to the EU, right? I bought a bag from the US and had to pay more than double the price in the end because of the customs :) How much does shipping cost?
That Keyloop looks cool!
@joseph_santoro Thanks! It's pretty fun to use... something I never thought I'd say about a keychain... Not that I'm biased or anything. :)
seems slightly confusing from the page to see how it works. I have the Orbitkey Key Organizer and it looks similar, but the Orbitkey seems slightly easier to use from these pics
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, maybe I can clarify for you. Each key gets put into a cover. Those covers then snap together magnetically and then rotate around a single point like many of the other key organizers. The beauty in this system is that they go together really easily, so you can take out a key, reorder your keys, leave a key on the fridge or even a light switch. With the other key systems, it can be a pain to add or remove a key. As for HOW the magnets nest, there is a male/female profile so they securely lock into one another but are allowed to rotate freely. Here's a really good video demonstrating them: https://youtu.be/lxjg10PcwsI Since this video, we've actually reinforced the nesting so it's even stronger now.
@nate_justiss thanks. this video makes things a lot clearer. it looks awesome. will prob buy
Yeah, his videos are always so good at showing the features of a product. Glad that cleared things up and happy to hear you think it might be useful! If you do end up purchasing, I would love to hear your feedback.