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Nick and I just launched a simple user flow analytics tool for creators – https://fero.io. Tonnes of analytics services exist. But we wanted one that cares for end user privacy and something that doesn't break the bank for startup founders and creators! You can setup in 30 seconds and will be able to track valuable actionable metrics for business decisions with no technical knowledge. Our vision is to keep it simple and offer a toolkit of actionable features. Base feature set: 1. User Flow Tracking 2. Realtime user presence tracking 3. Basic graphs and statistics (unique users, hits, etc) Other key features and things we cared about building into Fero: 1. Internet user privacy prioritized. 2. Event hooks: Social media and service integrations (e.g. Zapier, IFTTT) 3. Simple to start. Advanced event tracking easy to setup. 4. Super simple A/B testing! :) Fero is free for 10K events per month. We're also giving away free 6 months of premium service for all Product Hunt creators! (We'd do it free forever – but analytics is expensive to maintain) ❤️ Always appreciate your feedback! Built for creators by creators!
@ujzeee So this one is a stand-alone user behaviour tracking tool right? Are there any plans of offering Zapier or any other integrations. GA serves more or less the same serves the purpose - how will this be different? Btw, I signed up - will be embedding the code in a week or so. I just wanted to let you know that, after sign-in it shows " Trial ends 5 months from now " (which is also enough duration to try it out)
@adithya Hi! Thanks for giving it a shot! We're actually working on shifting our focus to social media and service integrations like Zapier so website owners will be able to covert user behaviour and flows into actions. Fero was actually a product we build for ourselves - while Google Analytics is a super powerful platform it takes a bunch of work to really make proper use of it. So part of our focus was to make the service as simple as possible and almost limit it to the most important actionable metrics. Please do let us know what you think about the service as your use it! Always appreciate the feedback! Cheers,
Liked the simplicity as always :) Been following @ujzeee since the launch of Tidl, nice to see you rolling out more projects, would love to connect 🙌🏼
@ambonium Thanks! :) Glad you like it!
I love the homepage and dashboard. Just signed up, and will be integrating it in a couple weeks. Out of curiosity, what will the pricing look like once the free trial is up?
@alexpete Thanks! Glad you like it – simple and actionable is how we want to keep it. We're relatively new to the market and are experimenting with a few pricing models. But you can be sure that there will be a free tier with a decent number of events (10k) allowed – corresponding to about 2.5K unique sessions. Both Nick and I being founder of other startups we'll be keeping the pricing very fair - we've thought about a base plan at $10/month for 250K events + other upgrades. As always, your thoughts as a user are much appreciated! :)
@ujzeee I'm pretty new to startups myself, but that sounds like a fair and attractive model. My only basis for comparison is some of the larger analytics producs (Mixpanel et. al.), and while they tend to have good free tiers, the first step up is a steep one. $0 to $99 in Mixpanel's case. Gradually ramping up the price like that is a way better sales pitch, especially to someone like me who is still trying to validate ideas.
@alexpete Thanks very much for the feedback! Exactly what we were thinking; there doesn't seem to be a good middle ground in terms of pricing out there :)
@alexpete @ujzeee I agree with free-first tier jumps often being too steep. How would you feel about a pay for credits model over a monthly quota cap model?
I just integrated it, and it works instantly, great point! Just a few feedbacks after 5 minutes: - The "server_id" JS variable name may be a little to global, you should maybe prefix it for example, in order to avoid conflict - The "Leading userflow" we can see in the overview is in fact just the top pages? Not the real flow? - I have a visual bug with the graph tooltips () Keep up the good work guys!
@b_diolez Hi! Thanks for the feedback! We're going to get those bug fixed asap. The leading user flow is currently the top pages - we're going to be renaming it and adding the top user flow after too (can see how the name is confusing right now. Thanks for the advice on the variables too! Cheers,
Can't find a way to cancel an account, is there one?
@serggg Sorry to hear that! (We're just building in the account settings features) - if you can let me know the website you registered we can delete the account :)