Fenix for Twitter

A fresh Twitter experience, for Android

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YouTuber MKBHD is big on installing this app with every new Android phone he gets. I haven't personally used it, but it's definitely one I want to snap up if it's ever on sale.
@jordsta A newer version of the app is now available and is available at discount. Check Fenix 2 here. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
This is hands down the best twitter client there is for Android, I have tried most of them out there and I was holding off on this one for quite a while because of the price but eventually I decided to go for it and it has proved to be completely worth it. They recently added a dedicated gif button just like the native Twitter applications, the only other thing I wish this app would add is poll support (which I don't think is available to 3rd party apps) and also summary cards / media cards like those on the native apps.
This is the best client for android I ever touched, and I tried many... I use it daily for +/- 6 accounts in total, for the last two years.
Just bought it! Managing even two accounts is tough with the default app.
I used to use this, but it KILLED my battery so quick