Empowering designers with visual predictive analytics

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Feng-GUI is a smart tool. It simulates human vision and creates reports that predict what a real person would be most likely to look at. Designers can use it to spot problem spots in their graphics, understand where people will look on their website, identify problems with display ads, and more. In addition, marketers can use it as part of their conversion rate optimization stack - user feedback without asking real users. With 30k users worldwide, they're applying predictive analytics to imaging, and that's exactly what predictive software needs to be doing in the 21st Century.
We've started this journey many years ago with the mission statement: "Empower Designers and Advertisers to Effectively Analyze Attention and Attraction in Visuals" or in English "Design a Better (Looking) World". Today, Feng-GUI, is a neuroscience pioneer in measuring visual effectiveness, simulates human vision and creates measurement reports that predict what a real human would be most likely to look at. What you get is an instant and unbiased feedback at fraction of the cost and time of traditional eye-tracking. The measurements closely resemble a 5 seconds eye tracking session of 40 people. You can test visuals across all media channels, from print, signage and packaging, to digital and display campaigns.