Fender Tune

Free guitar and bass tune iOS app

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Hey, Ethan here. I'm GM and CPO of Fender Digital. The rest of the team will be online to answer any questions!
@ethank The app looks killer, Ethan! We here at TrueFire will certainly be putting it to good use :-)
@zwendkos Awesome! We are really aiming it at first time players. There is no great "on boarding" experience for guitar sadly.
@ethank Seems like it's very user-friendly for beginners. TrueFire is cooking up a pretty cool "onboarding for guitar players" experience that we're launching next month. Would love to get your thoughts on it at some point! Feel free to reach out if you're interested.
Hey all- Fender Tune, a free guitar and bass tuner iOS app, just launched. The app is easy enough to use for beginners because it shows step by step instructions on how to tune. However, it will be accurate enough for advanced players as well. Let us know what you think!
Hi there. I'm Claire, product lead on the Fender Tune iOS app. Would love to hear your questions, issues, or ideas about the app!
@armst Nice work, Claire! Do you plan on bringing it to Android as well?
@zwendkos Soon! We're currently working toward supporting platforms other than just iOS.
looks great, though right now I use guitar toolkit - handles other instruments (like my uke) - plus metronome, scales etc - any plans to add features like these?
@passingnotes yeah. If we sell them we'll add them :) As far as metronomes and scales, we are working on another app for release in January that brings this and more.
Awesome! Been a lifelong fan of Fender products. Can't wait to give this a try with my one and only American Deluxe Tele. Congrats 🀘🀘
@adammash Thanks! Drop us some feedback through the app, we're all ears.