Fence Chat

Chat with people nearby, anonymously in your browser

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No one to talk to since I live in the woods =/ Just like real life...
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Easiest on-boarding ever. Here's me and Andrew talking about LaCroix: I'm curious how big the chat radius is.
@rrhoover its 1 kilometer (=0.62 miles)
I couldn't enter a nickname with the ?ref=producthunt URL, but I removed it and it works well. No users near me though!
@cameradam_ Fixed it guys..
@vsnthv what use cases do you envision?
@abe_storey mainly schools and workplace and events. Events like a soccer game or tech event or wedding. No not wedding.
@vsnthv hahahha i like the idea of schools. I can imagine being In a middle school history class and all of the kids wrecking havoc in the chat
Appreciate the 0-learning curve of the product. Could be interesting. *Would be nice to enable the mobile web.
@alexyoungkwon its already available as mobile web. Open the URL is mobile. Simple!!