News on women in tech, entrepreneurship & diversity in VC

We are dedicated to bring greater visibility to the growing community of young women in venture and female founders.

Each week we cover the latest news on:

👩‍💻Female entrepreneurs and 👩🏾‍🔬 operators

💰Diversity in Venture Capital

📈Research on equality in the tech ecosystem

🚀Young female founded businesses

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great idea!! love it
Love this, just subscribed!
i subscribed. :) the one thing that isn't clear to me (from this page or site) is whether the newsletter's target audience is women or all? e.g., if it is articles primarily for women about how to be a female founder, usefulness for myself may be limited. If it is articles about what women are doing as founders, then that would be more useful to me.
@davidshq Hey Dave, we recently sent out a subscriber survey and people value the most the discovery of companies, investor leads and relevant news on female founded companies. Most male subscribers appreciate the different perspective. Let me know what you think after a few issues.
@sarah_nockel just finished reading my first issue, I like it, and feel like it is greatly applicable. appreciate not only the insight into female founded companies, etc. but also articles by female leaders providing a different perspective. keep up the good work! 😃
@davidshq Great to hear. Hope you enjoy the next issue too. :)