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You might have used products that just get the job done. (Think Excel.) They compete with similar products on features, cost, and other mechanics. The problem is, these products become commodities and can lose their users to competition in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, there are standout products that are heralded as works of art. They inspire people and change lives, and consumers stick with these brands for a long time thanks to a glue called love. Most of us want to make amazing products and are looking for that je ne sais quoi to take it to the next level: Why do Apple and Nike stores continue to make money during retail recessions? What do the Jony Ive’s and Tom Gruber’s of the world know that we don’t? And when we hear that our products need to “delight” the user, what does “delight” really mean? Today on FemgineerTV we’re going to talk about the balance of science and art that goes into amazing design and discuss the building process behind products that delight users every single time. To help us out I’ve invited Pauly Ting, a user experience designer who has helped brands like Bloomingdale’s, Lexus, and American Express to reveal their purpose, express their personality, and deliver a complete and authentic user experience. Whether you’re building a product for a startup or a larger corporation, you’ll want to watch this episode to learn: - Why it’s hard to differentiate your product if you fixate on features and the science behind them - Why most companies fail to make a meaningful connection with users - A simple 4-step framework that helps you clarify your design and speeds up development time
Mary Trigiani
Mary Trigiani@marytrigiani1
So great that Poornima's perspective is available here on Product Hunt.