Femgineer TV: Ep 1 - How to Build a Happy and Productive Remote Team

Why a building a remote team is an investment in employees



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poornimaMaker@poornima · Founder
While a lot of people talk about the financial benefits of a remote team, that’s actually NOT the reason why Ben Congleton, the CEO and Co-Founder of Olark, and his team decided to build a remote team. You’ve probably also heard over and over again the importance of company culture, but Ben actually breaks down what him and his team at Olark do to build a strong company culture! During the show we covered the following 3 misconceptions people have about remote working: 1. Employees won’t be as productive and progress will stagnate 2. Communication between employees and teams will break down 3. A remote team will be devoid of culture In the pilot episode of FemgineerTV Ben and I tackled each of these misconceptions. And Ben shares how he and his co-founders have built an amazing remote team of 30-people, which spans San Francisco to Europe.