A Slack community for female founders

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Eric Willis
@erictwillis · Working on something new
@angiecois Hello Angela. I'm interested to know why you built this. Will it just be a support system to discuss ideas or do you have other plans for the community?
Angela Cois
@angiecois · CoFounder
@erictwillis This is a women-only community for founders or aspiring founders of tech companies. The idea is to improve the way we interact and help each other, sharing ideas and insights in a more organized way using Slack. I'm part of the YCombinator Facebook group of #femalefounders and I saw It was hard to catch up with old posts and that a lot of infor… See more
@angiecois Really love the slack community you've created with #FemaleFounders. Would love to collaborate on @WomenWhoStartup Radio, a podcast called @WomenDisrupt and chat about this community you're building and what you're learning and why someone should join. Check out the podcast at: and feel free to reach out at: hello at… See more
Cynthia Siantar
@shejiaxin · Co-Founder, Call Levels
@angiecois Hi Angie, just got to know about this from twitter. hv signed up for the slack community, looking forward to communicating with all of you. Wished i had known about this group before going for collision conf