A Slack community for female founders

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Eric Willis — Working on something new
@angiecois Hello Angela. I'm interested to know why you built this. Will it just be a support system to discuss ideas or do you have other plans for the community?
Angela Cois — Roomino.com CoFounder
@erictwillis This is a women-only community for founders or aspiring founders of tech companies. The idea is to improve the way we interact and help each other, sharing ideas and insights in a more organized way using Slack. I'm part of the YCombinator Facebook group of #femalefounders and I saw It was hard to catch up with old posts and that a lot of information and questions coming from the members were got lost because of the amount of daily information shared by the members.
@erictwillis @angiecois what are your thoughts of the pros and cons of having men who are interested in participating? I can see value in including various concerned citizens of of the startup community regardless of gender. Thanks!
Angela Cois — Roomino.com CoFounder
@erictwillis @kangaroo5383 Thanks for asking. I believe that there are already many channels to interact with other entrepreneurs and which are open to men and women. I'd like to maintain this space exclusive for female founders since I think we need to interact more and in a more organized way and slack works perfectly in this sense. I belong to different private groups of women entrepreneurs on Facebook and Linkedin and I always find difficult to catch up with older discussions especially if I stop monitoring the group activity for a while.
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