Female Innovators at Work

The untold stories of 20 inspirational women in tech

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Danielle Newnham
Danielle NewnhamMaker@daniellenewnham · Founder, Author.
Hi all So excited to announce Female Innovators at Work – a book about twenty inspiring women in tech has just been released! Having worked in startups for ten years, I was acutely aware that we needed more women in tech and strongly believed that highlighting the stories of inspirational role models would undoubtedly go some way to attracting more to the field. In the book, I have interviewed twenty women who had pioneered, or are innovating in the tech industry and we cover everything from when they first got excited about tech to what it took to start and build their startup to raising funds, and even what it was like to sell for more than $1 billion as Lynda Weinman did last year with Lynda.com. Other interviewees include Martha Lane Fox, Gwynne Shotwell, Radia Perlman, Majora Carter, Ramona Pierson and many more. It would be awesome to hear what you think of the book and who you think we include in a future version. Thank you and happy Friday! Danielle Recommendations from Marc Andreessen and Telle Whitney: "Is there a formula for finding the successful entrepreneurs and innovators? It's a question that every VC, educator, policymaker, parent would love the answer to! And while the answer remains elusive, I do know this: It involves a lifelong (not 'I woke up one day') or otherwise deep journey through what we call the 'idea maze'. It involves exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit, science/tech, or overcoming hardship of all kinds, at an early age. There's always some 'struggle' on the road to product-market fit, too. And while the best founders hold the product vision, it takes a a team to build a company. Nearly every innovator in this book embodies this 'formula' -- yet defies it too, in their own way. As one founder [Lynda Weinman] shares in here, 'I never thought of myself as a female entrepreneur specifically, I just thought of myself as an entrepreneur.'" --Marc Andreessen, cofounder Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz "This book highlights extraordinary role models by telling the stories of twenty women with very diverse careers, inspiring anyone who is considering technology as a career where they can have impact." --Telle Whitney, President and CEO, Anita Borg Institute