FeMake is a combination of data and tools to understand, support, and celebrate female representation in the maker community.

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😊Hi Product Hunt, 🏡I'm very excited to be launching FeMake today, since this project touches close to home as a female maker on this platform. 🤔Since joining the maker community recently, I've been very pleasantly surprised by the positivity and support of females. However, when I looked at sites like 500 makers, I didn't see many women. So, I wanted to know: where does the maker community really stand in terms of inclusion, and more importantly, why might that be? 🐦I started with this tweet and the responses made it clear that I wasn't the only one who wanted to see this data. 📈So, I pulled all the maker and product data from the beginning of PH time (aka Nov 2013). After decoding over 40k names, I now had a view on the presence of women and how this has changed over time. More importantly, I think we as a community hopefully have a clearer view of the real picture: areas we can improve, areas we have improved, and something to measure moving forward. 🌟Finally, I wanted to make FeMake more than just a data center so I chose to include suggested tools and celebrate top female contributors, who have been influential in inspiring other women to join this movement. 💡If you'd like to understand my approach, reflection on the data, and why I even care about this project in the first place, you can read my article here. FeMake is also a part of Makers Festival under Inclusion, if you would like to vote for it. 💜Special thank you to a fellow female maker @tcodinat, who helped me create the amazing launch GIF and for sending me a customizable ProductHunt API script to play with. Also, thank you to @marie_dm_ and the entire Women Make community for helping me and other women to find their voice in tech.
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@stephsmith74 @tcodinat @marie_dm @stephsmith In order to improve something, we need to measure it. Great job Steph for giving us the tool to evaluate the numbers so we can see the progress. I reckon it's especially useful for guys to see the ratio and a rough idea of gender diversity in the startups and the tech field as a whole. It certainly works better than some guys gut ;)
@stephsmith74 @tcodinat @marie_dm @morajabi Thank you Mo! I agree, without data, it's so difficult to really say where we're at and if we're improving. Hopefully we'll see some positive movement in the data over the next year
@stephsmith74 @tcodinat @marie_dm_ @stephsmith This was an ambitious project and you nailed it. 🔨 I think a lot of folks would shy away from making something like this due to the sheer amount of data. I know there was a good amount of manual work that also went into this. I admire you, nice job 😀
@stephsmith74 @tcodinat @marie_dm_ @sarah__jackson Thank you Sarah! It was overwhelming at first but totally worth it due to the community response. 💛
Beautiful project. Do you have plans to add any more related data to the website? Seems like there's lots of possibilities there.
@dbrereton Yes, there certainly is room! Do you have any particular suggestions DK?
@dbrereton Thanks so much DK. 😊I would love to integrate more data outside of just PH! Do you have any specific ideas for where I should look?
@stephsmith @morajabi Would be curious to see stats for different online communities like IndieHackers and WIPchat. And info about female entrepreneurs in different tech hubs might also be cool.
@morajabi @dkb868 Ah this is a great idea! I will look into it. Thank you.

I'm glad someone took care of analyzing this data, it gives a good idea of where we are and the output worth a look.


Visualizations make it easy to read the result.



Super cool to see the results of your work so beautifully laid out ✨
@abadesi Thank you! 💫
You did an awesome job Steph! 💫 I saw you working on the data to make something out of it and the result is amazing as well as really interesting. Information is key and like @morajabi said, it's important to have this data in order to see where we are at the moment, where we were and what we can do about it. I love that this project can have an impact on our perception of the maker space and its diversity.
@morajabi @marie_dm_ Thank you!!! I totally agree and am sure that we will see this data go up in 2019 with all of the things that Women Make is doing. Thank you for creating an inclusive and supportive space for us. 🙏💛