Holiday cards instantly mailed w/ your photo & drawing

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Storyframes is a whole new way for people to create and share their stories with friends and family offline, in the mail. The real mail. As a result, we've made sending holiday cards this year more personal, heartfelt and stupid simple than ever before––they're sealed, stamped and mailed, all from your iPhone. The app lets you create personalized photos with your own handwritten message, decorative frames and funny doodles. You can send one printed photo, or up to five. Then we mail them to as many people as you like, anywhere in the world. The best part is, all the addresses you write are saved, so you never have to write them again. We're re-inventing old-school mail for the modern world. To help introduce Storyframes we're going to let the first 1,000 Product Hunters mail a Storyframe anywhere in the world, on us! Use code PHFREEBIE anytime today before midnight. Plus, anyone who wants to send Storyframes to their friends and family this holiday will get 30% off their entire order. Use code PRODUCTHUNT. We haven't raised major funding. Everything we've done has been through bootstraps and friendships. Starting with how Felt went from an idea to a product, to finally making our way to you, here, reading this right now. We really hope you'll dig what we're doing and join us on our mission to use tech to make us more human, connected and expressive, not less.
Cool idea. The maker (@tomerlikehomer) said "Enter code FREEBIE before paying and send your first frame on us."
@mulligan Thanks Brenden! Correction, code is PHFREEBIE
I really dig this. Not to sound cheesy, but this is the perfect random gift for Grandma. She'll love it.
@imcatnoone We stayed with friends in Austin for SXSW. As a thank you present I downloaded photos from facebook that they posted and loved. Then sent them five Storyframes with their own photos. It's a great gift under $10. Glad you like Felt!
I made my first Felt recently and my wife received it in the mail yesterday. It looks really nice and was a fun surprise. The experience of using the app was delightful. It pretty much anticipated everything I wanted to do and the workflow was logical. I did switch to a super simple stylus midway through and found it improved the experience of writing on the screen. But it wasn't too bad by hand, either. The smoothing Felt applies cleaned up my writing while still making it recognizably mine. I also feel like the price is more reasonable than I expected...even without the discount. I hope you're charging enough to keep the service around and growing! :)
@fosteronomo Hey Daniel! I'm happy that you and your wife enjoyed receiving the Storyframes! I hope you noticed that the latest update fixed the bug with the writing on the front. And thanks again for bringing that to our attention. Let me know if there's anything I/we can help you with!
So cool! @tomerlikehomer you really put a lot of detail into this app. Great work, look forward to sending one
@KristoferTM Glad you like it! Just checked out PLOWZ! Killer idea. We live in Telluride, CO and someone here should be the first provider and make loot.
@tomerlikehomer For sure! You guys know your snow out there in CO
@KristoferTM Season's off to a good start!