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FelloWage allows you to view other’s wages and share your own.
💯 Verified and up-to-date information
👀 Keep your data anonymous for everyone
💸 Manage your own wage
📊 See other companies' salaries
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Hello, Product Hunters! 👋 My name is Alex. I have partnered with Ilona Codes to make FelloWage. Today we’re incredibly excited to launch the first version of the product! 😭The problem: I have always felt certain anxiety when thinking about my salary and only guessing what my colleagues might be earning. This issue is especially problematic in cultures and countries in which talking about wage numbers is an unspoken taboo among the employees. Quite often, the questions like “Should I ask for a raise?, or am I already earning maximum that my employer can handle?” “Am I earning too much for the work that I do?, or am I underpaid?” “Who should I look up to and learn what they are doing to get a higher salary?” have plagued my mind. ❓Existing solutions: Of course, there are services where you can look at salary levels or statistical distributions of wages. The problem with them is that they don’t give you specific (albeit anonymized) numbers of what individuals earn, and they don’t satisfy nagging feelings of fear and anxiety that I have mentioned above. Also, it’s hard to tell whether the numbers are up-to-date or not. 💯The solution: Enter FelloWage. We designed this product to be privacy-first so that many more users feel comfortable sharing their wage information and keeping it up-to-date. It allows users to see all salary entries in their current company, search for other companies in preparation for negotiations. Here is the full list of features: 💯We verify the data with LinkedIn profiles 📆We nudge users to update their info twice a year 🎯We keep information quality high 👀You keep your data anonymous 📊You can see your and other companies data 📩You can subscribe for updates for particular job titles/companies 🌟Plans for the next version: We plan to allow users to share their non-anonymized information in an encrypted peer-to-peer fashion with each other if they want to. This answers the question like, “Oh, somebody earns twice as much as me… And has the same job title… Who is that?” We’re happy to include more features in the product based on your feedback! 💼Business model We have both quit our jobs to make this product and are living off savings. So this product has free and paid account plans. On the free plan, you can view data for your company/location all you want; searching for other companies is limited to 3 unique company/location views per month. This number can be substantially and permanently boosted using referrals. This is our tactic to make sure that more people share their wage information. On the paid plan, views are unlimited. I’m excitedly looking forward to your feedback! 🙏
Congrats on launching! with data you ask from users, maybe a job happiness metric could also be a good addition. You can have highly payed people less happy than low payed people in the same roles ...those who are working with people they like and are enjoying their work. also, person gender would be good to track pay inequalities! That would be interesting to learn more about
@graeme_fulton Thank you Graeme, this is an amazing idea. Love it!
@waterlink000 yw, I like the data anonymous and privacy focus - I think things like this make it more trustworthy and human, which I feel can be improved in that space
@graeme_fulton I’m planning to write a blog post today about how I made sure that the data stays private and anonymous (including if somebody has direct access to the database, like site operator, or legal authority). Is that something you’d be interested in reading?
@waterlink000 is it for a technical audience? That should be helpful for people implementing something like that. For me, I would only be interested in something very high level with diagrams 😅 - depends who you are writing for
@graeme_fulton I could write for both audiences: start with conceptual level and then do technical deep-dive.
Neat. I would love to see the tech stack behind this product :)
@naveenkumar Back-end: Golang (Gin-Gonic, Gorm), Postgresql; Front-end: simple HTML + VueJS, SCSS + Bootstrap.