Fello Eyewear

The Glasses that keep on Giving.

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I supported these guys on Indiegogo because I think they have a great idea. They're offering a pair of high quality sunglasses (I've tried them on in person) and if you share their Indiegogo campaign on Facebook while it's still live, you get access to a lifetime warranty that'll cover replacements for anything lost, stolen, or broken. On top of that, they donate a chunk of their profits to a charity!
Thanks for sharing Mark and hey Product Hunters! I would like to verify that everything Mark has said is true. We use the same high quality materials as designer brands such as RayBan, Prada, Oakley, etc. One of the founding principles of our company was to prevent people from having to worry about losing or breaking their nice sunglasses which is why we created the “Help A Fello Out” warranty. If you help us by sharing our campaign on Facebook, we will help you by sending you a free pair of sunglasses if anything happens to yours. We began this venture not only with a vision to help our consumers but also our brothers and sisters around the world. There are over half a billion people in this world who don't have access to eye care. Which is why we are donating up to 33% of our profits from Indiegogo to VOSH. A purposeful organization that goes around the world setting up eye care clinics to those in need.
Huge fan of this product, the video on your site is killer. What's the best way to get a pair?
@mike_holubowski Thanks for your support! You can buy them now on Indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/ifVnje-4cDw/x/1... 2 mins
@joma_ka is there a model you recommend? I'm looking to get a few as gifts but they can all be the same model.
@mike_holubowski My personal favorite is the tortoise Konvoy. However the Black Fantoms seem to be the most popular among my peers!