Felix AI

Turn your blog posts into videos, stories and audio clips.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create content promos more easily?
Felix transforms your articles into an array of cool new formats - video, audio, Instagram stories and discovery collections - faster and cheaper than your next cup of coffee.
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This is a brilliant concept. It potentially opens up so many doors. The only thing that is missing right now is API access I believe in order to auto post the content to a specified location. A zapier integration would be cool. I can help code it up for you if you want. πŸ‘
@ericazizian Thanks so much for the feedback, we do have an internal API so will look at opening this up externally over the next week - a Zapier integration is an awesome idea! I'll ping you a note when it's up, would love to hear your thoughts :D
Hey everyone! So excited to be sharing Felix. We really wanted to make it super easy for content makers to turn their blog posts and articles into more formats like videos, stories and audio snippets automatically. Once you've finished writing your post it can often feel like a chore to make all these other formats to share them on social networks, so we've been working on Felix which aims to make it a little easier. - Give Felix a URL to your blog post and it will try and extract all the images and make a smart summary of what the post was about. - It uses that information to make a short 30 second video trailer, 5 slide insta story and a 1 minute audio summary of the article - You can make tweaks if you want, and add stock images & gifs to jazz it up - Can then simply download the formats and share them, or use our embed options to install them on your site It's still super early days so would love to hear any feedback people have! Thanks so much for taking a look πŸ’•
@jamesdevonport Congrats on the launch! I was skeptical at first but this worked like charm. Converted our medium article: https://medium.com/wific0in/publ... Looks pretty cool: https://app.gofelix.ai/story/Pub... This was super easy to use. Definitely recommending to my marketing team!!
@suruchi786 Thanks so much for the feedback! Great to hear that you like it ✨
Awesome tool for any content team πŸ‘
This solves a couple of core content marketing problems 1) Not enough time to create content in multiple formats 2) Maximize the value from content you create. Really smart...I'm adding this to our social & content strategy!
@tela Thanks so much for the feedback! Would love to hear your thoughts on how you get along with it, and if there are any more formats you would find helpful to be outputted!
@jamesdevonport I'll get together with my co-founders and brainstorm. Feels like there's competitive advantage in us using this early. The content recommendations are something I can see using in a future feature. Might be cool to have a call and show you the prototypes & get your thoughts.
@tela Absolutely, would love to talk! I'm on james@gofelix.ai 😊
When I see your logo and name my mind goes directly to this https://www.felix.se/. But your tool seems awesome!