Helps you stay focused with a simple action on Slack

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Upvoting this cause I just Love the name. It has a very nice ring to it!
Thanks for the hunt @bentossell. We built Felix bot for Slack at an internal hackathon and it was a lot of fun. Every day​​​​, you tell Felix your goals for ​​​​today​​​​, and he will help you stay on track. A simple habit to boost your productivity that I used to implement with a physical notepad. Some stats: released in the Slack directory last Friday, 100 teams came organically (including Buzzfeed) and around 150 users use it every day.
Good stuff, @ompemi - I added this to my one-person Slack and like it already. Although I made what may prove to be a common error and double-added the first task. When the bot asked "What task would make you happier if you finished it today?" it wasn't clear that this was an implied /add/ - so I guess I'm asking for a /delete/ option now. :)
@daviddlacroix We wanted to be opinionated and make you think what is the one thing you need to get done today. But you are right, we will be improving that flow to be more user friendly to make you get used to use add always. Thanks for the feedback. We have clear all, but definitely we will add delete 2!
@cwodtke you made me search what meant OKRs :) Not for the moment, we focus on helping you as an individual, no matter if it is a personal or work goal. Interesting idea, though
@ompemi When it comes to products, I like opinionated. :)
we at hooks are using it for more than a month and works like charm.
Great job. Btw Chat Bots Weekly is also a brilliant initiative.
Looks awesome! Thank you Omar, trying it out now.