Felipe for Sketch

Magically turn wireframes into UI in Sketch

Felipe offers a better approach regarding using symbols in Sketch.

Today, we do it by browsing the symbols library, adding it and then stretching it to fit the size.

With Felipe, you simply draw simple layers, and the plugin would recognize what you meant to draw, and replace it with the relevant symbol for you.

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Hi guys! I'm Ariel, creator of Felipe. Felipe started as an idea in the Design Tools Hackathon 2018. We basically thought, "what if instead of designing a button, you can draw a simple rectangle?". We started working on it, and during the process we understood we shouldn't be limited to buttons only, it can work with many types of layers and with any design system. As a designer, you can draw something simple, the plugin detects what you meant to add to your design, searches for the relevant symbol, and automatically replaces it. The MVP won 1st place in the hackathon, and I felt like I wanted to put this idea out there to the design community, so I kept working on it and released it as Felipe. You can read the full story here: https://uxdesign.cc/intention-ba... I would appreciate any feedback.
First of all congrats on the launch 🎉It is always fun to see what other team's build during hackathon's. Intention based design seems quiet interesting, do you have any papers or sources that you would share with me to explore this even further? I will definitely give this a try. I guess my biggest question is not plugin related but more what you see are the obvious advantages of using Sketch in comparison to much more flexible design tools like Figma or XD? For me it is interesting to see why there are so many things solely developed for Sketch, which seems to struggle despite it’s many users all over the world. Do you use sketch only for UI design and why haven’t you switched, is speed, collaboration and overall convenience not important enough at your company or has Sketch some superpowers I don’t know about? Just a curious mind :) and very interesting approach to how we might design in the future.
@produkhelt thanks! As for your first question, I am not familiar with this kind of concept for design tools, so I don't know any resources not written by me who talk about this subject. Perhaps 'autodraw' by Google is a nice experiment that shows the potential. Also Airbnb Design built something in this subject. But the aspect of auto-complete is very popular in writing, coding, and many more, which makes me believe it will exist for design tools as well. Regarding design tools - Sketch was the first tool built for UI designers. It replaced Adobe Photoshop. It's much cheaper and more efficient. I think Figma and XD are both doing a decent job in solving the same need. Figma's benefits is the collaboration features and mostly the support for more operating systems other than Mac. XD's benefits is the fact that it's included in the Creative Cloud subscription and I heard it's pretty good for prototyping. Personally I still prefer sketch. I guess I'm loyal to the brand. It's a stable tool that keeps getting better, the API and the plugins eco system is great, and most of the other design tools (principle, flinto, Invision, zeplin) built awesome things on top of it. So I use sketch simply because I think it's still the best tool for designers, and because I feel loyal to their brand. Hope this answers your question :)
@arielverbz Thanks for your answer! That pretty much answers it yes 👍🏻
This plugin makes real magic, a very interesting idea. Thanks for the plugin!
It is very interesting.
it iss good ,it is like as face book