A beautiful, unofficial Android app for Product Hunt

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Would definitely love if @ProductHunt would grant write access to some apps. Feline looks very promising and well designed, but the possibility to upvote my favorite products is a total need for a comprehensive mobile experience of PH.
Thanks for showing Android some love!
As promised, Feline is Open sourced :) https://github.com/arjunkomath/F...
I came across this unofficial Product Hunt app for Android and I like it very much. It works smoothly and is designed very well. From my experience, it's better than other unofficial apps on Android. I've also included this in my collection of Material Design Apps (https://www.producthunt.com/@ign...).
@ignace_maes Is it to possible to add the website url (http://arjunkomath.github.io/Fel...) to the hunt ?
@arjunz I can't edit the hunt myself. You would have to ask the Product Hunt team ;) Great job open-sourcing the app!
@ignace_maes Okay. Thanks :)
Looks nice. What i don't unterstand with a lot of these apps is all the different permissions they need. This one e.g. needs access to my phone identity, pictures and some more. Why? Devs should include the reasons for it in their app description.
@willyyr Hey, I'm the developer of the app. Thank you for the amazing feedback. The app is built on react native and I believe these are the default permissions that react requires. My app doesn't go through any of the phones data, I can assure that :)
@arjunz Cool thanks. Maybe you are able to remove those unused ones. Great to know you are using react native. How has your experience been using it and would you recommend going that route for other developers?
@willyyr I'll check what I can do about the permissions. React native is fun and easy, and the development will be very fast compared to native android. Since many developers are familiar with JavaScript, lot of people can contribute into development of mobile apps. My main concern was performance, I was not sure if the app would be as silky smooth as a native app. Anyway it turned okay, al though there are minor performance issues.