FeetMe Sport

A smart insole to help you run better with AI coaching

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Cool tech, but the price point ($250) seems dramatically out of step with other running tech.
@evanthomaspaul I see what you did there. 😉
@evanthomaspaul Thank you for your feedback, the product offers a new experience and service which is difficult to compare with existing products; It's built on medical grade data.
@alexis_mathieu Agreed that it's difficult to compare. That said, I'd encourage you guys to consider working with a firm like Price Intelligently (http://www.priceintelligently.com) to research willingness to pay among runners. They can help you find the price point that maximizes revenue, which I'd hypothesize is going to be a bit lower than what you guys have launched with. That said, always good to start high and work down than the opposite. Good luck! I'll be cheering for you.
@evanthomaspaul The presales open at 149 :)
@evanthomaspaul It looks interesting but seems like too risky of a purchase at this price point. It would need a lot of reviews to prove itself rather than endorsements from paid athletes.
Hello Hunters, Thank you Adrien for the intro. After two years of hard work, I'm thrilled to present our first consumer product. FeetMe Sport is a revolutionary insole that helps you running better. The insole analyzes your stride and builds a personalized training plan. The insole also sends alerts in case of abnormal stride that could lead to injuries. It has been an amazing journey and we need you to make this product the running coach you were looking for. Simple and caring to all your running sessions. 75% of people who run will one day get injured mainly because of bad running technique. We want to leverage our technology bringing it right into your shoes the knowledge of a biomechanical lab. We develop this product with one rule. Simple and relevant. If you want to read more insights, feel free to visit our blog, comment and help us to improve the service. https://feetmesportblog.wordpres... We just launched our BETA program on limited number of users. Your feedback will help us to make the launch of the product a success. Everyday the community is growing around us and we could not be more excited than having you joining the trip. Next step is the shipping of our BETA users!!!
I met @alexis_mathieu 3 years ago. At this time he was working on a technology to help diabetic patients taking care of their foot. FeetMe is taking today a new step leveraging the medical experience of the company. Their technology is made accessible to everybody with a new service built for runners. It provides feedbacks and builds personalized training sessions based on all the data collected to have you run better without injuries.
D'awww, maybe when you support size 13
@goodtimehaver We hope we will be able to deliver those sizes in the coming year when the volumes will be bigger.
Looks really interesting. I'm slightly confused by the branding. Is it FeetMe or Tiempo?
@michal_subel The product name is FeetMe Sport