Feeld Bot for Slack

First ever dating bot for Slack

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HR liability 😳
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@rrhoover or an opportunity to clarify company policy!
@rrhoover In our organisation people deal with people, and it works but it is harder when you have to solve people problems on your own. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Well, this certainly is a modern take on "fishing off the company pier". I certainly would recommend reviewing your company's HR policy before giving this a go, and would strongly warn against telling the Feeld bot that you like any of your superiors or subordinates... also, go read their manifesto β€” where they talk about RESPECT, CONSENT, and HONESTY. With great power comes great responsibility, and I think that applies doubly in this kind of application. ✌
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@chrismessina Yup, I was wondering if it was worth adding a note that some organisations might not be ready for it.
@denull @chrismessina As freelancer, startupper and a coworker I am not very familiar with the HR issues in bigger companies. On the other hand I can see this bot as interesting addition to the Slack chats of coworking spaces. Most of them I have met use it as a prime communication tool for their community. Here is an insightful podcast(https://listen.coworkingweekly.c...) by @alexhillman of Indy Hall, sharing how they uses it in their coworking community.
It's like "Bang with Friends", but for Slack. Tell me you don't wish you thought of this one first...
I could see this certainly making Slack groups for programming languages, freelancers, and other tech interest groups much more interesting.