Feeld 5.0

Date open-minded couples & singles

It has been a steep climb. Nothing has been more difficult than recognizing mistakes hidden in plain sight or acknowledging the crucial misstep that steers you off the right path. We spent the last few months pulling back, listening. What we present you with here is our answer to you, our community. Welcome to Feeld 5.0.

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
Excited to see another iteration of Feeld (previously 3nder)... the design went a little sideways during the beta, but I think it's come back to something more accessible. I'm all for alternative and creative approaches for dating/connection/making the most of this #BigDating world we in now — and Feeld continues to occupy a very specific, essential niche.
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Feeld is an independent company, so it naturally moves a bit slower than its conglomerate competitors. The app is however full of fantastic people, everyone seems really open minded and approachable. This is the only place designed for exploring one's sexuality.


Great community


A bit buggy

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Neil Cocker
Founder - Ramptshirts.com
Agreed on all fronts. The buggy bits are annoying, but if those are ironed out in the new version it would be ideal.
Dimo Trifonov
Founder of @feeld
I am so proud of the team and what they managed to accomplish in such short amount of time. We switched to React Native and merged the teams and everyone had a month to learn javascript and react. One of the reasons why the app is not out on Android yet. It's far from perfect but independence comes on a cost.
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This app does so much with such a small, independent team behind it. Yes, there are bugs, but with the v5 it's moving in the right direction even if it took a little longer to get there. The community is a big plus. With the growing number of events and published content that are about provoking thought and discussion, it really sets itself apart as having something more to offer.


Always evolving app, growing community


Can have bugs

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Cathy KeenCommunity Manager
Few hiccups with last version but stuck with it because the community is so good. New release appears to have ironed out all the bugs. Also the bio info can be viewed much more easily on profiles now which simplifies browsing. Interface is slick and messaging on point. Congrats Feeld 🎯
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