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A few weeks ago my buddy @oliwesbiz wanted to share the @seedcamp podcast with the world, but sharing a Soundcloud page is just boring! So I connected him with @mubashariqbal and he - as the hero he is - made Feedsites! You can use Feedsites to create an awesome landing page for your podcast :)
@bramk Thanks for the hunt, was a fun product to create. I love enabling content creators, to do more with their content. Hopefully Feedsites helps podcasters gain an even wider audience.
When @bramk tweeted at me with a crazy idea for creating a website for a podcast hosted on SoundCloud, I had no idea it would lead to something so fun and full of potential. FeedSites allows you, in just a couple of minutes, to create a website for your SoundCloud hosted podcast. You can customize your website with your logo, and adjust the fonts and colors to match your brand. When you update your podcast in SoundCloud we automatically update the website. Although I'm pretty happy with functionality of the MVP, this is just the beginning. I have a list of additional features to add, as well as integrations with external services such as Google Analytics and MailChimp to build. Eager to hear any feedback you may have.
Yeah! Great to see this on here. Mubashar has done an excellent job with Feedsites. It's allowed us to create a nice slick homepage for our podcast within minutes (I mean, literally 2-3 minutes). And once it's done, it's done. It simply pulls the RSS feed so you don't need to invest more time into updating it. It's one of those nice automated platforms that saves your time and energy so you can focus on your core objectives! I can't thank Mubashar enough - great job, Mubs!
@oliwesbiz Thanks for having the idea, and the support as I developed the app!
This is a great idea that's well executed. That's hard to do. The sites this tool produces are stunning, simple, and perfect for podcasters.
@msitver Thanks Michael appreciate the kind words!
Amazing product, I just migrated our podcast to it, we tend to use a lot of text on our "Show Notes" and links, links don't stay active so I would add that :) It looks like this -- http://lahoradeltech.feedsites.com/
@crisgarner Thanks for signing up! I'll talk a look at the data and get the links fixed up asap.
@crisgarner Those links should be clickable now! Thanks again for signup and please let me know if I can improve Feedsites in any way.
@mubashariqbal Some links seems that doesn't work, how are you turning the strings to url? so we can fix the notes in order to comply with the validations
@crisgarner Anything that starts with a http:// or https:// will be linked for sure, other things it tries (text that starts with a www. for example) to see if it looks like a url. I see it's failing for things inside brackets, so I'll see if I can fix that. Will be having some regex fun :) I'm also linking twitter accounts for anything that starts with an @ character
@mubashariqbal I saw that linking for twitter accounts, that was an awesome thing that I didn't knew I needed that now I won't be able to live w/o it :)