Custom Instagram photos of your product, on-demand 📸⚡

#5 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2018

Feedsauce delivers high quality, bespoke Instagram images of your product, on-demand. Get your hand-made, edited and ready to download images within 7 days.

🇬🇧 Order before 1pm and we will collect your products free the next working day.

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With Shopify, FB/IG advertising, drop shipping, and products like this, it's crazy how much easier it is to spin up a new ecommerce brand.
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@rrhoover Ryan, your comment brought a HUGE smile to my day! Thanks so much for taking a look at what we've made and I really hope we can play a part in making the lives easier for many budding entrepreneurs! If you have any feedback or improvements/suggestions, I welcome them with open arms 🤗
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As a huge fan of beautiful content, I like the concept a lot! It's a pity I don't own some ecommerce brand for now :)
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@hanna_zenkova 🤩We're suckers for a nice pic too Hannah! Thanks for your support and vote of confidence - super excited to build out the future of Feedsauce. If you have any suggestions to help us improve in any way, I'm all ears :)
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@omarchoudhry I think a Flytographer model can work for you too. If you want to make it big. Just set up high standards for verification. Good luck!
Hello Hunters! 👋 Omar here from Feedsauce - Just wanted to say a quick thank you for checking out our new product, we’ve been rattling away at this cage for over a year now and I’m delighted to share it with you. Feedsauce is a personalised photography platform to provide brands with custom photos for their social media, created within a week. No more hiring photographers, no more studio time, no more ‘fingers crossing’ that the images turn out right. Take a look at https://feedsauce.com - we’ll be launching a Premium offering soon to deliver images within 24 hours! Really keen to get your feedback and if you have any questions, I’d be delighted to answer them 🤙 P.S. We’re giving 25% off your first batch of images to the PH community using code ‘SAUCY25’
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Really cool web design. Who did it? :-O I wish you all the best.
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@rezniklukas Thanks Lukáš! Web design was done by myself believe it or not. Appreciate you checking out the site buddy 😀
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Great idea, I think many of the founders I've interviewed at Starter Story would find this interesting.
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@thepatwalls Thanks a lot Pat, great to know you like the idea. Would love to find out more about how I can help your folks at Starter Story!