One email every week with posts from the feeds you follow

A simple email service to keep track of smaller blogs without having to use another app.

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Will Willems
I am a work in progress.
Hey PH-ers! This is just a very simple service to be honest. I was getting pretty frustrated about the fact that I was often forgetting about awesome smaller blogs that I found online. I tried various RSS app's but I often ended up checking them either too much or never at all. The problem has become a bit worse now that more and more people are moving away from centralized platforms like Medium. I think this is an amazing thing, bringing back some of the quirkiness and soul of the internet while also serving as a more sustainable and healthy structure for online content. The best thing is, we already have a pretty nice protocol to handle this decentralization of content: RSS. This app does one very simple thing to provide you with the content from the blogs you want to follow. You just enter the RSS feeds you want to keep track of and it will email you the new stuff from those sources once every week/month if there is any. This will probably not change your life but I hope you'll like it! Cheers! Will
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