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@sagz Hi Sagar! Thanks for your comment. You're right, people use different social networks depending on the context. We're working on implementing "workspaces", which will help solve this problem. A workspace is simply a named group of columns/feeds that you can switch between. You could for instance use one workspace for personal stuff, one for work/professional and another one for leisure time (for sites like YouTube, 9gag*, reddit*). We know that horizontal scrolling sucks, so we figured it might be better to split the feeds into different groups instead of trying to keep them all in one overview. * not available right now, but may come later. We do intend to release mobile apps, but as we target power users, we believe that there's still a market for desktop/web. As we're a very small team, we've been focusing all our resources on the web app so far. Mobile is however something that's very interesting for us, but the concept need to be adapted slightly due to the small screen sizes. Our current idea is to merge all the feeds into one "unified" feed on mobile (per workspace), but it's still just an idea at this point. If you have any further questions, please let me know :)
Hey! My name is Jesper and I co-founded Feedient together with my friend Xavier. It's been a long journey since we started exploring the idea last summer, but today we're excited to finally be able to drop the beta label and launch the "1.0" of our service. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I'll be more than happy to answer them.
@jesperlindstrom Hey Jesper, just signed up and had a play. I would totally use this for our brand but can't until there's Twitter List support and also Facebook Page support. Looks great for a 1.0 release, looking forward to seeing what's possible in the updates :)
@jesperlindstrom Looks great Jesper! Is the long-term vision to add support for RSS feeds, Pocket and podcasts, and other sites like Reddit or Pinterest, to read everything in one place?
@ZacDavies Hi Zac. Sorry for the slow response - we're in Europe. I can happily say that we got both of your requested features on our roadmap. Facebook page support is coming next and should be available with in a few weeks. :)
@imakestrides thanks Kyle! You're correct. There are many sites/apps that we want to add, and we try to listen to our users when deciding which we should add next (check our Uservoice via Feedback > Suggestions, from the side menu). I can promise RSS with in a few weeks, but the others may come later.
@jesperlindstrom Very cool, thanks! Best of luck.
Having all the content in one page is definitely useful and reduces friction. Kudos :) How would a single dashboard help when each of those feeds are for different use cases? Twitter is consumed way more realtime than Facebook or Instagram. Youtube is a whole league apart; it's mostly used when you're *really* free and are in some place where you can play audio. Also, social network users are slowly moving towards mobile more and more. Any ideas there? :)