Feedback Hero

Feedback and collaboration tool for building web apps

FeedbackHero is a web collaboration tool where you can have a chat on any area of a given website by just pointing and clicking.
It is like Zeplin, but on real websites. It can be used in building web apps for reporting visual bugs and explaining work flows.
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I am managing a team of remote developers and it was hard to keep a track of screenshots on slack, so I came up with FeedbackHero idea where I could point, click and start chatting with my developers about a specific feature or bug. I just finished building the MVP but I am not sure if it is a problem that others are facing as well and it worths pursuing or not. I am looking for your feedback about FeedbackHero :D Please provide your genuine insights on whether you will use such a product and if so, what would be the really basic and highly crucial list of features? PS: The landing page and the app might have some bugs, my apologies for that, after all, it is an MVP, and if it didn't work, just refresh the page once. :D